Diane Wittry  


Internationally known as a symphony conductor who specializes in conducting American music abroad, Diane Wittry is the Music Director and Conductor of the Allentown Symphony, PA, the author of the critically acclaimed book Beyond the Baton (Oxford University Press 2007), and a frequent guest conductor of orchestras throughout the world. She is also the Artistic Director (USA) for the International Cultural Exchange Program for Classical Musicians with the Sarajevo Philharmonic in Bosnia. Her informal approach for talking about classical music and making it fun and interesting has won her fans and admirers throughout the world.

"Diane Wittry specializes in finding ways to make the music fresh, accessible and exciting."
The Advocate, CT

“Wittry’s skill, besides her superior talent as a musician, is her ability to build a rapport with all types of people”      The Beaumont Enterprise, TX

Waldemar Vinovskis   WALDEMAR VINOVSKIS

Waldemar Vinovskis is the regular Friday morning Classical music host on WDIY fm in Bethlehem, PA. He began his training in radio at KFUO in St. Louis, Missouri, home of Classic 99, the radio voice of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Since coming to Pennsylvania in 2000, he has worked to promote arts and music organizations across the Lehigh Valley and has interviewed many renowned composers, musicians and conductors.

He has worked closely with Conductor Diane Wittry to produce musical education programming locally and is beginning a project to reach out to national audiences. He also serves as a member representative on WDIY’s Board of Directors and as the Classical Genre Coordinator.

Radio Show

The radio show, "Simply Symphonic" is predominantly a talk show enhanced by musical examples. The show features two hosts: Internationally known symphony conductor and conductor of the Allentown Symphony, PA, Diane Wittry; and radio personality, Waldemar Vinovskis, from WDIY Lehigh Valley Public Radio. Diane Wittry represents the view behind the scenes into the symphonic world, and Waldemar (Wally) represents the intelligent and curious listener who has lots of questions about classical music, composers, and their music.

The goal of "Simply Symphonic" is to:

1) introduce classical music to a large audience in a way that is entertaining, enlightening, and emotionally moving

2) to whet the appetite so that the listener will want to hear more

3) to make classical music relevant and interesting to everyone by featuring true stories from musicians in the field and     interesting articles, reviews, and anecdotes.

4) to partner with local orchestras to provide opportunities for marketing orchestral concerts and providing ticket

Each show focuses on delving deep into the life of a composer and featuring music from at least three of their compositions. The program features humorous stories about each composer's life, discussion of reviews and articles about their compositions, and interesting selections from their letters and correspondence. The music during the show is played in short excerpts, single movements, and contrasting musical examples.

There will also be musician spot-lights featuring active classical music performers, and a health spot-light with the latest research on how classical music is good for the body and spirit.

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