New York Conducting Institute
Ripley Grier Studios
New York, NY


Monday Nights: Jan - Feb, 2016

The goal of the "New York Conducting Institute" is to enable conductors to develop a larger vocabulary of gestures to draw from and to help them refine their conducting technique.

The workshop will focus on exercises that will develop the muscles and understanding needed to convey clear conducting technique. Time will also be spent on overall body alignment and the centering of your personal energy.

Musical examples will be drawn from Brahms  Variations of a Theme of Joseph Haydn performed by members of the Pizazz Symphony. 

All of the sessions will be videotaped and conductors are also encouraged to bring their own video cameras for the smaller groups sessions.

A quartet of musicians will be utilized to help participants better understand the impact of their gestures on the musicians. Many new ideas and gesture exercises will be introduced from Diane Wittry's new book "Baton Basics," which focuses on conducting gestures.

Seminar Fee:  $695

Auditor Fee: $295

Application Fee: Waived

Application Deadline:  The priority deadline is December 10, but applications will be accepted until January 6, if spaces are available.

Further information and the full schedule can be found at:


Baton Basics
Conducting Technique Workshop
Norwalk, CT


Sunday, July 12-Friday, July 17, 2016

The Baton Basics - Conducting Technique Workshop focuses on improving and expanding each conductor's conducting gestures through a variety of exercises and concepts from the book "Baton Basics" by Diane Wittry. 

The repertoire was chosen to provide a variety of conducting challenges and opportunities for studying and improving conducting technique.


Brahms - Haydn Variations

Tchaikovsky - Serenade for Strings

Copland - Appalachian Spring

There will be multiple conducting sessions with piano, string quintet, and The Pizazz Symphony chamber players.  Participants will also practice muscle alignment and relaxation exercises.

12-16 Conducting Participants will be selected.

All conducting sessions will be video-taped. Total podium time for each active participant is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

Seminar Fees:

Application Fee: $40

Conducting Participant: $995

Auditor: $295

Priority Deadline: May 15th

Some participants may be chosen to be "Conducting Fellows" with the Allentown Symphony, PA.

Further information and the full schedule can be found at:


Conducting Workshop
Pazardzhik, Bulgaria


Friday, June 19-Friday, July 3, 2016

This is an advanced two-week workshop for conductors and features two public concerts. Twelve Conducting Fellows will be accepted.


Dvorak - Symphony No. 9

Elgar - Enigma Variations

Barber - Adagio for Strings

Stravinsky - Pulcinella Suite

Tchakovsky - Symphony No. 5

The orchestra is the Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra, in Bulgaria. This is a full-time professional orchestra. They present weekly concerts throughout the region.

There will be daily rehearsals with the orchestra and also rehearsals with two pianos. The workshop includes individual meetings, career mentoring, press packet evaluation, sessions on programming, and video review.

Some of the conductors may be selected for Conducting Fellow positions with the Allentown Symphony, PA.

Application Fee: $40

Priority Deadline is April 15th.
Conducting Fellows:

$1795 (conduct on two concerts)

$1475 (conduct on one concert)

Hotel is approximately $35-$70 per night. Airfare to Bulgaria ranges from about $1000-$1300 from the USA.

Diane Wittry is the Music Director and Conductor of the Allentown Symphony, PA and author of the books "Beyond the Baton" and "Baton Basics."

Applications and repertoire information is available at:

  Pizazz on Facebook Pizazz on Twitter P.O. Box 1281, Maplewood, NJ 07040 • 973-731-3031 •